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Recent scientific data shows that new tissue and muscle growth in the penis is possible by improving vasoldilation. The pharmacologic effect of Arginine and Nitric Oxide found in AndroGenyx Edge HPX causes more blood to circulate in the corpus cavernosum. This leads to an increase in your penis -- with practically no untoward side effects.

Nitric Oxide is a natural element produced in your body. It's a neurotransmitter that helps maintain smooth muscle function. One of the functions of Nitric Oxide is to help promote vasodilation in smooth muscles. Vasodilation refers to the widening of blood vessels resulting in an increase flow of blood. Your penis is dependent on this vasodilatory effect everytime you have an erection -- no vasodilation, no erection.

"AndroGenyx Edge HPX boosts the nitric oxide pathway in the body; this causes enzyme reactions to help produce more blood flow into the male genital organ causing bigger erections."


Why More Capillaries Are Good

Bodybuilders know that in order to increase muscle size, you need to get more blood flowing into that specific muscle group.

This same principle applies to the male sex organ. The only difference is that your penis is made up of smooth muscle tissue. Blood circulating into these smooth muscles are what makes your penis to expand during an erection.

When circulation to your penis is enhanced, your body's autonomic response is to create more capillaries (microscopic branches of blood vessels) in your penis. With more capillaries being created in your penis, you improve the smooth muscles' capacity to handle more volume -- this is how you get a stable and natural increase in penis size over time.

"When you increase blood flow to skeletal muscle, you build more muscle tissue. In smooth muscle tissue such as what is found in the male sex organ, increased blood flow results in build-up of more capillaries..."

Nitric Oxide plus its precursor Arginine are the active ingredients in AndroGenyx Edge HPX. With regular use AndroGenyx Edge HPX is clinically tested to help increase penile tissue resulting in an increase in erection size by 32.4%!

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Edge HPX Review

Testosterone is one of many chemicals that are essential to the male body. It is, in its most basic description of function what makes males biologically males.  The testosterone to estrogen balance that males have is unique, and any variation can affect everything from mood to body composition to genital health and muscle growth. The body naturally converts portions of testosterone into estrogen.  However, there is a far greater capacity and need for higher testosterone levels than estrogen levels. With aging, testosterone levels will initially lower gradually or in the event of a nutrient deficiency and other factors substantially either acutely or chronically with time. Overall body health is the basis for all sexual health.

Males over 40 begin to experience a significant yearly drop in testosterone levels that gradually becomes a harder and harder to combat without supplementation and working out.  Diet, exercise, stress levels, and mental health all affect the body’s ability to process nutrients and generate testosterone. Any change or lack of balance means trouble.

Low testosterone levels are one of the causes of impotence, also known as Erectile Dysfunction or ED.  It affects every man differently, with everything from lower confidence/self-esteem and impaired cognitive operation to higher stress levels, but the main component is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection over a desired period of time.  Lack of sexual prowess is frustrating as it is one of the main points that identity is based off of for many. Any lapse in ability can be detrimental.  This can make romantic relationships or sexually connective relationships difficult, bruise egos, and can cause depression in those that suffer from the ailment over a period of time.

There are options on the market for finding solutions that combat low testosterone levels, ranging from behavioral therapy meant to enforce healthier lifestyle habits that manifest in gradual natural testosterone enhancement, to painful frequent injections that temporarily boost testosterone with some form of side effect, to natural boosters that are a mix of nutrients and vitamins with chemicals the body uses to create testosterone more effectively at a higher rate.  As far as pill based testosterone boosters go, the options are diverse yet scarce on results.

One of the few options that produce results consistently in testing groups is the Androgenyx Edge HPX. Used both by those with chronic erectile dysfunction as well as athletes and exercise enthusiasts seeking to boost their results, it is a reasonable solution that is cost effective and has reported minimal side effects.  The issue with using alternative solutions is typically the lack of testing, the random negative side effects that can exacerbate the problem that needed to be solved in the first place, or worse yet no results at all beyond a lessened wallet.  Androgenyx Edge HPX is composed of a select few main ingredients that stimulate and supplement that natural testosterone process within the body. This leads to higher success rates amongst a wider audience of users, as well as minimal to no side effects beyond allergic reactions, which as of now have yet to be reported.

Testosterone Booster Review & Edge HPX

While it’s primary purpose is to foster testosterone boosts, it has the positive added side effect of improving sleep quality and fostering quicker and more effective muscle recovery.  Androgenyx Edge HPX has the added benefit of positively improving endurance and sexual performance by facilitating a higher sex drive and stronger erections.  Androgenyx Edge HPX possesses L-Arginine. L-Arginine is stored in neurons, and has fringe benefits of being great for overcoming addiction and for its pain properties in addition to increasing cognitive function and circulation within the body. Circulation is important to constantly improve as it is one of the more important functions for ensuring erections can happen due to positive blood flow.  Another ingredient that is important for increasing sexual energy and libido is Horny Goat Weed.  Despite its name there is no trace of cannabis within it.

It is an aphrodisiac that has been shown in tests to raise libido thus making erections easier due to sexual stimulation and arousal.  It also has components that encourage better blood flow to the penis resulting in firmer more frequent erections.  The only reported side effects from use are cotton mouth. The recommended dose is moderately low and easy to stay on top of the regiment.

While some recommend cycling and incorporating it into a larger stack to maximize results. It’s use as of now has not indicated anything beyond moderate side effects. It is recommended to be taken during meals or just after and at minimum twice a day and at max two to three times a day. As the supplement builds up within the body it will offer greater results usually between a week to thirty days of use.  Cycling on and off is at the discretion of the user as its impact on health is unique to each person.